How do you achieve your clarity?

Step number one: Figure out your core gifts

Our greatest gifts and skills are always things that come so naturally to us that we tend to take them for granted.

At You Rise when we discover with our clients what their core gifts are the most common reply we get is: “Who would ever pay me for that?”

Our answer is always the same. “Thousands of people outside of your circle”. If you’re still not sure what that core gift is, find a clarity mentor or outside mentor to get this perspective.

Step number two: Figure out how to monetize your gifts

The only reason people are unable to make money on their core gift is lack of self-value. A part of them is not feeling worthy or good enough to get compensated for their gifts.

“We are wired for greatness, but, programmed for failure”.

Between the ages of 0-7 we are like sponges. We absorb everything around us and thus creating subconscious programming. Like our cell phones that run the programs that create apps.

The challenge is, we upgrade our cell phones once or twice a month. How often do we upgrade our subconscious mind?

Step number three: Create a vision for the lifestyle that you want

Life is a road of choices. Right now, you are reading this from a specific address. You know the street number, city, and zip code. When it comes to life, very often we have no idea where we are going. Many of us end up driving 100 miles an hour in the opposite direction- losing time, money, and energy. That is why, clarity is the most pivotal and almost always an overlooked part of our lives.

We’ve been taught to make money first, create a lifestyle second. But, what if, you designed the life you love first and monetized around it. It’s important to understand, what is important to you.

If you don’t sacrifice for your dreams, you sacrifice the dream itself.

That is why You Rise Movement is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and professionals like you, find your mission, vision, and your voice.
Together we can find clarity and save the world.


Before I met Veronica I lived a good life, but lacked the ability to move forward into a greater space that I desired. I wanted a greater level of success and knew that negative subconscious blocks stood in my way. While working with Veronica she helped me quickly identify and remove the blocks that had a subconscious hold on my success. She truly is magical in how she identified and extracted the negative charges that I could not see or eliminate on my own. She removed those beliefs about myself that held me back from attaining the life I wanted. After my work with Veronica I am more confident and have a new direction in life where I express myself more freely without conflict. In this time, I have achieved more wealth and success in my career and personal relationships. I have a new vision for my life! She is amazing in the way she revealed to me my potential for greatness.


Corporate Paralegal at Fortune 100 company

I was feeling very stuck, still figuring out what I had to do to get to the next level. I started out in her monthly coaching program. Within the last 2-3 months in her program, I have seen major changes, rapid growth – mental, spiritual, emotional, financial – a complete 180 of where I was and where I am now and where I am going. If you want to get to that next phase, to that next place in life, and really get a good vision and path on how to achieve that, get with Veronica.


Finance Specialist & Business Breakthrough Consultant

Since meeting and working with Veronica, I have, in just a few sessions, experienced multiple beneficial changes in my life. I have seen improvements in my health, relationships, job and mental well-being including decreased anxiety, hopelessness and fear. Veronica has helped me identify mental, emotional and energetic origins of dis-ease and to re-write my life plan to move in the direction I’ve previously only wished for. Previously I’d felt that life changes I tried to make were futile. With psychotherapy, positive thinking, meditation, psychics, energy workers and previous life coaching I was unable to make any significant or lasting change in my life. The fantastic thing about Veronica is that she is very accurately intuitive, knowledgable and wise. You will not just get information about what is wrong or not working, you will redirect and change your life. Her methods work. You will see changes right away. Really. I enthusiastically and joyfully recommend her!


20+ years Registered Nurse

When I met Veronica, my business growth was going so slow and I didn’t know why. I met her at a conference and I knew that I had to work with her. Veronica helped me give myself permission to put myself first. I realized that I would always think about my family, duties, and responsibilities each time I went into a business meeting. She helped me drop that and give myself permission to put myself first. And that made ALL the difference in my business.


Leadership Trainer

When I first met Veronica, I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into… I knew she was CHANGE, but what I found out was I was getting a transformation from all levels including my life and career! From helping me with stuck vision to self-doubt, all the way to how I present myself overall. If you’re serious about your life and business, this is a woman that knows how to work her tools and intuition. I appreciate her honesty no matter how hard it was. After three months my life has changed. Thank you for all the work you have done.



I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up with Veronica. Two weeks into our sessions, my internal blocks started raising their ugly heads- it was stormy. After a month of weekly sessions, I felt more confident and believed in myself. I also felt happier and more peaceful.
Another event that happened: Before I met Veronica, I was worried for over 10 months about a multimillion dollar real estate transaction where the other party involved was devious and deceitful, causing a lot of emotional turmoil. Within 1, my state of mind was completely changed. Three weeks later, this 1-year-business ordeal pleasantly ended- I have not only come out of a snake hole without being bit; in addition, I made a sizable profit! Truly amazing!
The part I value most is how much Veronica cares about my well-being and success. She has helped me tremendously in both my personal and career development. I would absolutely recommend her services and seek her unique method of helping people heal, be a happier soul, or a rising entrepreneur.


Realtor & Investor

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About Veronica


Intuitive Clarity Mentor, Founder of You Rise Movement, Transformational Speaker


Veronica Rozenfeld is an internationally recognized transformational speaker and intuitive clarity mentor. She has spoken on multiple stages all over the USA and has worked with start-ups, multi-million-dollar businesses, corporate professionals, and everything in between. In 2017, she received the Most Outstanding Life Coach & Intuitive Energetic Healer award.

Life wasn’t always rosy for her.

When she was born in the Cold War era Ukraine, the pediatrician said that she would most likely be unable to talk, walk or have a normal life. She overcame those odds, and Veronica now speaks multiple languages and walks in 5ks with her children every year.

A key turning point in her life was January 2012. She went to fill up her car with gas with her two toddlers in the back seat. When it came time to pay, her credit card was declined. Once. Twice. Three times. She recognized then that her husband – with whom she was going through the divorce process – had cut her off. All of her financial stability from the past 10 years was cut off in an instant. The life she had built in America was melting away like an ice cream on a hot San Diego day.

She asked herself how did she get here? She remembered how she came to the USA and in 4 short years, with heavy dyslexia she learned English, got a finance degree, married the man of her dreams, owned a house, and had a corporate job. How in the world did she do it?

The answer was simple – she had deep clarity of what she was creating and was not attached to how it would be created. She knew that if she could figure it out one more time, she would be able to help not only herself and her toddlers, but many others.

And she did just that.

She created a unique process that helps create clarity and remove subconscious blocks and helps everyone who goes through this process to live the life of their dreams.

She is committed to bringing people like you back to your power, back to your life path, and be free from the limiting subconscious blocks that hold you back.

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