“Are we there yet?”

I deeply believe that God and Universe never denies us. It says:” Yes “,” Not now”, “I have something better for you in mind”.

In this post I want to explore what happens when Universe and God reply with the “Not Now” option.

How many times in your life you wanted something so badly, like a promotion, new job opportunity, financial stability, relationship or start a family, and yet it would not happen right away or the opportunity would slip away.

At this point, many of us get discouraged and tell ourself stories like: may be it is not for me or I am not enough (not smart enough, experienced enough, attractive enough, confident enough, wealthy enough, etc, etc..).

The reality is everything is perfect. You are amazing just as you are. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. it just not your time yet.

When I find myself in situations like that, I always ask myself ” What am I supposed to learn here so I could get the desired outcome quickly and effortlessly? ”

I deeply believe, that delay is not a denial.

It just a reminder that few more lessons need to be learned before our deep desires could be fully manifested. What are the lessons? For me, the most common are: patience, persistence, letting go of the past, embrace new, deep faith in success and surrender to how, just to name a few.

Since I was a little girl, I had a very strong motherly instinct. I even had a nickname “mommy” in school. I would always surround myself with kids few years younger then me, take care of them and guide them through challenging times.

So, when I moved to US, finished college, married an amazing man I was ready.

I was deeply craving a child not so much for myself but to meet social standards and family expectation.

Yet my body was not ready. My young age, stress of immigrating, and finishing college in 4 years despite poor english and learning disability, along with trying to meet the expectations of being a perfect wife and maintaining a good job took a huge toll on me.

I was energetically depleted and exhausted. My body, God, Universe and doctors were shouting at me: “Not now. You are too young. Slow down. It is not your time”.

Yet external pressure was high. Every relative or friend would meet me and wonder if I am pregnant and why not?

To make matters worse my younger sister already had a child, several of my girlfriends being almost a decade older had healthy pregnancies, and I still was not pregnant …

My self worth was shrinking by the minute and my fears of being not accepted nor wanted was rising by the second..

Until one day, I no longer could take it. I realized that I allowed my life to be in a total nightmare. I stopped. I surrendered all my worries to God and Universe and gave myself 5 years .”In 5 years, if nothing would happen, we will consider getting a Dog”, I told myself. This simple decision gave me deep peace and I got my life back. I happily went to celebrate my 25th birthday in China.

By the age of 27 I was a happy mother of two very desired, miraculously healthy and beautiful children. Every day I wake up with a deep gratitude and appreciation for my two amazing, miracle children, my angels, my pride and joy!

What have I learned in all that?

I learned to be patient, knowing my time, listening to my body and be stronger than external pressure, have deep faith in my vision and surrender all my worries to God and Universe! Most importantly be now and be here!

So, if you wonder “are we there yet? ”

Enjoy your Journey. I promise it is worth it! Please keep Going!

“Not now” simply means stop worrying, let go of any expectations. Be persistent, keep the vision of your dreams strong, feel deeply worthy of it and at yet let it be and enjoy every day, every moment, every breath.

Once you have achieved a balance in that delicate dance, your desired outcome will come at no time from nowhere. It will be better then you ever could have imagined!

Love, light and blessings!

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