Language of God.

I deeply belive that God and Universe talks to us all the time. All we need to do is just learn the language and listen.
It talks to us through everything: dreams, people, technology, experiences and communication with others.

Any time I am looking for answers, I raise my eyes up to the sky and ask a question. The answer always comes.

Not necessarily right away. It could take
minutes, hours, days or longer.
Sometimes it comes during my meditations but often it will randomly show up in my life. It will always provide the answer.
Here are few examples:

Few years ago, I was completely lost with what I should do with my professional life, I asked God and Universe for answer.
Minutes after that, I was checking my email and saw invitation for psychology degree. My first impulse was to erase junk. Guess what? This email was unerasable for months!

The other time, I found
myself in the middle of most challenging time of my life and not sure if I could survive on my own.
I asked Universe to show me that I find my way out.I was driving through the major street for two miles. Every single light was green. I drive on this street almost daily for at least 10 years. It never happened before. It gave me deep faith in my future. Today I love what I do and thrive on my own.

A few months ago I found myself in a financial pickle. I asked God to show me what it is all about and where am I going.
Later in a day all my plans has canceled and suddenly I was invited to a party , were panel of 4 wealthy people were sharing their relationship with money.
Once I arrived, room was filled with many accomplished business people, coaches and healers. It was the first time in my life that I felt sense of belonging. I felt at home.
One person on the panel, the owner of a multimillion dollar business, was describing the way he was thinking. It was exactly my train of thought. Later in a day, I was introduced to this person as an intuitive life coach. It was my moment. The universe was showing me that I am exactly were I am suppose to be. Life of my dreams is unfolding one dream,one day at the time!
Thank you God and Universe for my amazing life!

Being multilingual, I fluently communicate in Russian, Ukrainian and English, but is this way of communication that truly transforms me in my authentic self and shows my unique path in my beautiful life.

Asking God and Universe questions, big or small, become my daily practice, my way of releasing stress and daily burdens.

I highly recomend that every time, if you have worry or concern, instead of thinking it over and over, just raise your eyes, ask the question, release your fears, be still, be open and aware.
Answers always come, often in the most unexpected places!

Love, light and blessings!