Surrender To How – Miracles Are Coming !

How many times in life you want something so badly and yet it does not happen. Later you feel that opportunity passed you by?

Have you wondered why?

Well, l wonder all the time.
Any time I want something so badly I tell myself:” It will happen or it will happen.The difference is: my way or God’s way?”

Over the years, I mastered how to accomplish things my way. I visualize clear picture, create strategy and plan and deliver using arsenal of my spirtual tools.

What if not meant to happen “my way”?
Then what?

Now, It’s a time to learn for me, how to do things on God’s and Universe terms!

It requires complete surrender to “why” and “how” and just deep trust that it will work out for my highest and best good!

Last Saturday, was a perfect example of just that. I had a month in advance plan to spend a weekend with friend from LA and go together to an event. At the same time, I had a project that was 2 weeks ovedue, hanging over me as heavy burden.

All over sudden, last minute, all my plans has canceled.

I was face to face with my project. I did not know were to begin….

I was almost ready to quit, as I got a text from an old client. She wanted to come for a session. I agreed.

At the end of a session, it turned out that this person is an expert for my project.
The most rewarding part is that this a person seemed so lost in her life just 3 months ago. After 2 sessions with me, in two weeks she went back to school and on track with her destiny. Now with unshakable faith in her bright future, she happily finished her degree that happens to be a perfect feat for my project.

What have I learned from all of this?

I have learned that when I let God and Universe be in charge, miracles happen! Things happen bigger and better when I ever expected!
Not only my project, that seemed unatainable for weeks was done in a days .
I also saw practical application how the process that I teach not only benefits my life, but it almost instantly heals and transforms lives of others!
Seeing, how with my help, others dreams quickly become their reality is the most rewarding feeling in the world and the gratest miracle I have ever experienced!


What are your dreams and how do you accomplish them?

Love, light and blessings!