What if God and Universe would always say “Yes” to us?

I believe that God and Universe never denies us.

Any time we ask for something, it has 3 responses to us: “yes”, “not now”, “I have something better for you in mind”.

Today I will explore with you the first response.

I deeply believe that God and Universe never denies us. It always says:” Yes. Please go for it!”

It is our limited believes and sub-conscious programming that encourages us to deny ourselves, and give up on our dreams and true desires. Our fear of failure, fear of success and concern about opinion of others often stops us in our core.

It could start with something simple, like losing a few extra pounds or something big like changing a career path.

We always wait for God and Universe to do it for us, but in reality, we just need to take the first step – fully commit to our goals and hearts’ desires. The solutions will always come.

Since I was a little girl, I craved to transform and enlighten people. The God and Universe was clear “yes, that is your path, get a psychology degree, start writing”.

“What do you mean take impractical degree with no english and strong learning disability in a foreign country?”, was my reply. Instead of following my destiny, I chose a “practical” career in Accounting and denied myself of my life path for decades.

For the past 3 years I was figuring out how to get back to my life path, I craved to write a blog and did it in my head at least few times a week. I saw signs for me start blogging and clear prophetic messages from God, and yet I did not.

If not God and Universe was on my way, then what stopped me? My fears. I literally heard voices of my family members in my head saying things like: ” How would you attract people to your blogs?”, “You were unable to spell or write for 3 decades what is different now?”. “What do you possibly have to say and where in the world will you find time for it? ”

Yet, the direction was clear. Yes, it took me 3 years, a lot of courage and even more commitment and creativity to find solutions to all challenges, but I finally did it!

I deeply believe that when we say yes to ourselves, we align ourselves with our destiny, and God and Universe is always eager to support us and help. It always begins when we have the courage to go for it and take the first step with a deep faith in ourselves, and success ahead of us!

Once we do that, miracles sprinkle on us like spring rain.

Every post I wrote brought me closer to my kids, created new opportunities and friendships, opened a lot of insightful conversations with many interesting people. It helped me to be more authentic and step into my power.

Thank you God and Universe for these beautiful gifts and my courage to say “Yes ” to my destiny. Because, If God and Universe always says “Yes” to me, who am I to say “no”?.

Love, light, and blessings!