Halloween is the biggest shadow party of the year!

What is a shadow, you might ask?
It is another sight of you that is sometimes unrecognized, unappreciated or overly identified with. A Halloween costume is a perfect way to explore, recognize and heal that sight of yourself.

Who am I this year?

I am a feminine pirate. Why, you might ask?

Being beutiful, sensual and being seen is something I struggled most of my life with.

I was born to be seen, with huge brown eyes and long copper hair. I would always stand out, anywere I go, and yet I was growing up in the Ex Soviet Union were we all are meant to blend in and be the same. Over the years, I mastered a mask of being unseen, shy and quiet.

This Halloween I claim my power bag. I declare to be seen, heard and own my beauty inside out!

I also learned that I am a free spirited, strong person who will fight with a sword of wisdom, courage and inner power for freedom, my passion and my own destiny.

I also recognized that being bad is good, healing and fun. It is beautiful adventure, sometimes drink glass or two of beer with friends and be little bit intimidating and even overpowering at times and have my big ARR personality. All that creates great journey of life and priceless, long lusting memories that always put a smile on my face.

It is mind blowing how much insides a simple costume could give about the person.

What is your Halloween costume this year? What does it tell about you?