Where do miracles come from?

When people think of miracles, most people think of something huge and rare like winning a lottery or a modern version of the Cinderella story.

I believe that miracles come in all kinds of sizes and shapes: huge, humongous and tiny. Despite the size they all are equally pivotal for our happiness.

So if you ask me:”Where do miracles come from?”.

They come from practice of seeing them. In order to enhance meaning and happiness in your life, exceptionally valuable to establish practice of noticing miracles, big or small. I am deeply convinced, that the more people notice miracles, more miracles come to them.

Miracles are all around us. You and I are now miles, and may be hundreds of miles away from each other and yet you are reading my post and we stay connected. How about the miracle of breath, miracle of life, ability to walk and talk and see? Just to name a few. Those are just a few examples of miracles that many of us take for granted and yet some people are not privileged to have internet or struggle with health or both.

Few days ago I was on the phone with a new friend. We both were amazed by how alike we are and how spontaneously we met at perfect timing. She exclaimed: “Veronica, don’t you think that all those are true miracles form God and Universe”. My response came from divine guidance and kind of surprised us both. I said that by now, both of us were living a lifestyle of miracles. We both agreed.

What it means to live in a lifestyle of miracles? To me, it means that I learn how to deeply trust myself, others, God and universe. I mean that I live in a flow and I am aligned with my purpose. I believe that when I save my purpose I serve God. At that state of mind, I am deeply guided and everything I need is coming my way. Often I just have to show up somewhere and I meet the right people at right time. Or if I want to buy something I go to a store and the perfect item at desired price appears. All that I have to do is deeply desire and think about it. How did I get to create life like that? What is my secret?

The answer is simple; Gratitude. I have rituals and practices of noticing miracles throughout the day. Every morning I wake up and I am thankful and grateful to God and Universe for living in the beautiful and warm California and raising my two amazing children and making each of my dreams a reality.Throughout the day I take few minutes to notice miracles around me like my flexible schedule, convenient location of my office or a smile of my coworker… Every time I come up with a new variety of miracles. Yes, it was a huge stretch at the beginning , but the more I noticed them, the more they became part of my life.

Last year I was traveling for a conference. I was making a challenging decisions and asked God and Universe for a miracle to show me that I am on the right path. As I was getting comfortable in an aisle coach class seat, across I saw a familiar face. It took me a moment to realize that I was sitting across from Mary Murphy; celebrity judge on TV show ” So you think you can dance”. I was so grateful and amazed. I had the privilege of talking with her. What shocked me the most is that it was a 7 hour long overbooked flight across the country . Yet I was the only one who noticed her. No one else did. I asked her about it. Mary is one of the most humble people I have ever met. Her reply was simple.”People do not think they could sit next to a celebrity, so they do not notice”. Yes, most people are not expecting miracles and they miss it , and miracles walk by them.

What about you? Are you open to live lifestyle of miracles? If you are curious to see how lifestyle of miracles would authentically look for you, I am gifting you with a miracle of a free discovery session with me. In this session we will explore what does the life of your dreams look like for you and what stops you from the next step. You could see for yourself, that Lifestyle of miracles fits all sizes and shape and looks just fabulous on you!. Are you in?

Send me a private message and I will be happy to book a session with you.

Love, Lights and blessings.