What does your name means and how does it guide you through your life?

Lesson of the Day:
Your name is a roadmap to your destiny.

I belive that meaning of our name is a roadmap for our destiny. Once we are outside of our purpose, meaning of our name becomes a very important lesson to learn. Once we aligned with our destiny, it becomes a huge blessing!

Growing up, I was always called by my nick name, Vera. I never could understand why I so deeply desired to be called by my entire name and why I had such a hard time to belive in myself.

Once I moved to US, I did just that. I introduced myself by my full name – Veronica.
Miraculously, my life has transformed in 4 short years. With no english and strong case of dyslexia, I finished bachelor degree in finance and manifested evrything that my heart desired to live American Dream .
How did I do it ? I have not doubted myself once, that I can do it, and I can do it all!

You see, Vera in Russian means “faith” and Nica in Greek means “Victory”. My name literaly means “faith in Victory”.

I belive that faith is a foundation of any success. People like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. What did they all have in common?
Unshakable faith in their product and sevices.
Having such a special relationship with faith, I realized that faith without victory could be easily melted in fears and self doubts.
Firm faith in victory – happy end result, combining with persistence creates a perfect ladder to climb up, and only up, one stair- one dream at a time!
In Jewish tradition it is a beginning of a new year.
I strongly believe that this a year were I firmly aligned with my purpose and back to my destiny. It is my unshakable faith and my clear vision in my dreams come true reality, get me there! That is my faith in my personal victory and transforms my life from pile of lessons to a ladder of blessings!

What does your name mean and how does it guide you through your life?

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Love, light and blessings!